As the title says, I'm trying to extrude an irregular face into a normal cylinder. There are some pics below to better describe what I want to achieve

The tip of the sculpture is round

The tip of the sculpture is round, while the bottom is pretty splash-y shaped, and as it ascends it becomes more and more round

So, is there a way to do something like that? thanks


Multiple Methods

Extrude and To Sphere

  1. Extrude your edge loop upwards.
  2. Type Shift + Alt + S > 1 to execute the To Sphere command.
  3. If you have overlapping vertices, try using the smooth (W > O) a couple of times and then the To Sphere command again.

extrude and to sphere

LoopTools Circle

  1. Extrude your edge loop upwards and select it.
  2. Choose the Circle of the LoopTools addon. It comes with Blender and has to be activated first in the User Preferences > Addons. It is located in the Specials menu. W > LoopTools > Circle.

Bridge to Circle

  1. Select your edge loop and note the vertice-count in the info bar.
  2. Add a circle, set its number of vertices equal to the edge loops.
  3. Position the circle and select both, circle and previous edge loop.
  4. Do the bridge edge loops command. Ctrl + E > L

bridge with circle

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    $\begingroup$ Bridge Edgeloops is accessible via Ctrl+E menu (a bit faster to navigate). $\endgroup$ – Mr Zak Oct 3 '16 at 21:19

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