Is there a clean way to get the absolute path to the scripts folder for the currently running version of Blender?

The following code works (on Windows) but it feels a bit hackish.

from os.path import dirname, join, normpath
from bpy.app import binary_path_python
normpath(join(dirname(binary_path_python), '..', '..', 'scripts'))

Results in C:\\Program Files\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\2.77\\python\\scripts.


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There is a few nice helper methods hidden in the bpy.utils module space. For instance, calling


will return all current Blender paths where Python modules can be put. Even if you (like I do on my system) redirect the Scripts Folder to a custom location, so they stay around when updating Blender, using this method you'll get a valid pointer. See this output here:

scripts path

But you could also use

x = bpy.utils.script_path_user()

to retrieve the current location of your user scripts. This will return a string, and as a fallback your scripts home directory if no custom path was set.

  • $\begingroup$ Works perfectly. This let me find the bpy.utils API docs. Thanks! $\endgroup$
    – MattMS
    Oct 2, 2016 at 2:35

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