I am trying to run a simulation with cloth cloth simulations. I created two planes,one below the other, joined them along the edge so that it becomes like 'U' folded, then added cloth modifier to this object and pushed it up along z direction. I added a cube with collision modifier. When I simulate, the cloth cloth interactions are not good because of which the cloth pieces cross into each other multiple times. Is there a way in which I can improve the cloth-cloth interactions?


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To make the cloth collide with itself in the example you described, enable self collision. cloth collision

In the Physics context of the Properties Panel it is found in the tab Cloth Collision.

self collision settings

Enable Self Collision and ajust the other values accordingly.

From the Blender Documentation.


Real cloth cannot permeate itself, so you normally want the cloth to self-collide.

Enable Self Collisions

Click this to tell the cloth object that it should not penetrate itself. This adds to simulation compute time, but provides more realistic results. A flag, viewed from a distance does not need this enabled, but a close-up of a cape or blouse on a character should have this enabled.


For higher self-collision quality just increase the Quality and more self collision layers can be solved. Just keep in mind that you need to have at least the same Collision Quality value as the Quality value.


If you encounter problems, you could also change the Min Distance value for the self-collisions. The best value is 0.75; for fast things you better take 1.0. The value 0.5 is quite risky (most likely many penetrations) but also gives some speedup.

  • $\begingroup$ Hey I tried this out. It's a good solution. Thanks for that. There are a couple of issues though. A distance of 0.8 is quite huge, and it seems like cloth is bouncing off from itself in mid-air. I tried reducing it to 0.6 with higher quality of collision but no luck. Increasing the quality of collision and self collision to 4 also increases the simulation time. Can you think of any other work around? $\endgroup$
    – Sum-Al
    Oct 4, 2016 at 12:10

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