I am a complete newb with Blender, so please bear with me. I am trying to do some basic color correction/grading on drone footage, but in some cases I want to be able to insert a movie and start at, for example, 60 frames in. How do I do that? When I change the start frame for the movie, it just moves it forward in the timeline. Any ideas?


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Below the Edit Strip tab, where you had set the Start Frame, there is the Strip Input tab.

If you want the strip to actually display a later frame on your frame 1, change the Start property below Trim Duration (hard) to your desired start frame of the clip.

start frame property

Another more manual way of doing this.

  1. Scrub forward to or pause on your desired start frame.
  2. Press Shift + K to cut the clip into two.
  3. Select the first (now redundant) clip and delete it by pressing X.
  4. Select the clip which now starts on your desired frame and move it backwards to the start of the scene by pressing G and then dragging the mouse. Once in grab mode, you can also enter an offset (like "-60") with the keyboard.

Reference: Blender Manual Entry


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