i have made a model of a formula 1 car, and now its time to put textures on it.

i want to make the entire body a single color,and then add the decals on top of it as a second "layer" of textures.

i watched a tutorial about basic cycles rendering,and from what i understand you can add multiple textures on a single material, connect them to a mix node, and after un wrapping they will both show as long as the "decal" has an alpha channel.

So i did all that, added a red base colour,and tried putting a "decal",but when i unwrap the decal is applied on all faces,not where i want to put it.

I tried creating 2 UV maps as suggested in a tutorial but it doesnt seem to work.

Could someone give me a step by step guide on how to do this,on a multifaced object (not on a single plane), and keep both the bottom and the top texture on the object?

Any help is much appreciated!

This is a pic of my model.

enter image description here


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