I have a mesh, which renders strangely.

enter image description here

I think the reason is that part of the mesh has a different material, than the neighbouring parts. I want to change this material. In total the mesh has about 12 materials showing up and it is hard to understand which one is which. Also, I don't find any vertex groups to select these particular vertices.

How to find out which material is used by these vertices and change it to the material, that neighbouring vertices use?


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Materials are assigned to faces.

Enter edit mode; change your selection mode to face mode; select the face of interest and its material should become highlighted in the material list.

To go the other way (figure out which faces are used by a material); change your selection mode to face mode; deselect all faces; choose the material of interest; use the Select button beneath the material list (which only appears in edit mode) to select those faces.


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