By error I placed the angle of the smart uv unwrap to 1 and now Blender is not responding. I guess it calculates the uv. The problem is that I have a lot of unsaved changes on the mesh.

Should I wait it to come back to life or is there no point? Are there any possible solutions to save my unsaved data?


You can wait if you want, but it's probably going to take a long time before it will start responding. If you close it there is a way to recover you data; Blender autosaves your projects every 5 minutes, and you can change it if you want.

When you open Blender, go to 'File', then in the option, click 'Recover Auto save', wait for some time, and Blender will show all the autosaves it has taken according to the date. Click the unsaved projects, and save it when it opens.


In cases like this, I always look at CPU, RAM and HDD usage. Also I take into consideration the last task which I gave Blender to do. This helps me decide what's better: terminate Blender or wait.

There are no right answers that work in every case. All depend on the particular situation. In your case: how fast is your CPU, how much memory you have and how many vertices your model has (consider also subdivision modifiers).

PS: Here you can find three ways for recover your work:

Window close button [x] ignores changes


From experience, things like this (accidentally setting some setting to an insane value) will usually come back eventually, unless you run out of memory or blender crashes. Depending on what it is, on my machine these sorts of incidents are usually over within a few seconds, or perhaps a few minutes.

Only once or twice have I ended up giving up after letting it sit for a few hours.

However, you needn't wait around.
Open up a new instance of blender, click File > Recover Auto Save..., and try opening the most recent auto-saves (thumbnail view can be useful here). Chances are one of them is within a minute of the moment of disaster, and you can happily resume near where you left off.

See How to setup Auto Save? for more detail on the auto save system.


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