Is it possible to display the movement of the tracking points of Blender's motion tracking function as a graph (probably in the graph view tab) with time[seconds or current frame] on the x-axis and either distance covered or velocity on the y-axis?


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This may help you get on the right track (the idea is to bake the tracked object's motion to an animation curve): Getting raw data from object track

You may need to write some python at some point, depending on the information you want to get out.

Edit to add more info quoted from the linked answer:

You can use a Follow Track constraint to 'project' a single track onto an object.

  1. track your point, you dont need to solve the camera.
  2. make a plane, and position it perpendicular to the camera... how you want to set this up is up to you, but it will effect the numbers you get out at the end.
  3. add the constraint to an object, i just used the default Cube, and refer to the image bellow on how i set it up.
  4. in the viewport image, I have calculated the motion paths, and you can see the path of the track is on the plane.
  5. click the Constraint to Fcurve button, and it will bake the constraint to XYZ values. Edit: Some times this button doesn't work. An alternative is: Search->Bake Action
  6. you can then write some python to convert your animation to CSV format.
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    $\begingroup$ Thanks for the link, it helped me to move on. The only problem is now, that I can not get the right unit (m or cm) and I do not see any possibility to define a given length in the video to be xyz Meters. $\endgroup$
    – hoppla1232
    Sep 12, 2016 at 18:00

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