I have a Windows 7 computer with three users sessions.

But after installing Blender 2.77a, I noticed in the Start Menu that the Blender folder is not visible in other user session.

Is it normal ?

--- Update --- Blender can be used in multi-user system ? Recent documents from an user is visible or not to other users ?


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I don't know much about Blender's installation routine since I use Linux for 3D modeling for stability reasons (and regardless of the OS I tend to use the zipped version), but recently there was a post of someone who claimed that it's exactly the other way round for 2.77b.

Regarding you "is it normal" question - as a former IT admin I'd say, if a software runs properly and the only issue is that some icons that are not "in place", it's normal (aka "happens every day"). Just move the Icons over to the "all users menu folder" and it's fixed.

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