I'm well aware of motion tracking, being able to put three-dimesional objects in video (or video effects/CGI) but what if I want to put it in a single image? I tried doing motion tracking with my still image but, it didn't work. All I want to do is make it look like there's text in the scene. BTW I'm using Cycles (but I'm okay if it works better in blender-internal.)

I tried adding a reference image, but I can't seem to get the rotation and location right of the object, it doesn't look like it's part of the picture. So how do I get the object to look like it's part of the scene?

Here's the image I'm trying to add text to: (it's to large to upload)


Motion tracking will not work on a still image you need some difference in a sequence of images called parallax for blender to re-create 3D information. For still images you have a couple of choices:

  • 1- Use the image you want to match as a background image and then try to match the perspective manually. Set the viewport to camera view Numpad 0, then lock camera to view and position the camera. The grid may be very helpful to visualize the ground should be.

enter image description here

The tricky part here is trying to match the lens used for the original image.

For more details read: How do I align my grid to background footage?

  • 2- Use an addon like Blam.

From the Blam users manual:

BLAM is a camera calibration add-on for Blender and is meant to facilitate modeling based on photos or synthetic images rendered with a perspective projection camera.

Blam uses the grease pencil to help you determine and match the perspective of an image and match a blender scene to it.

UPDATE: Blam is no longer mantained and has been replaced by fspy:


Read: How can I recreate geometry using a photograph?


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