¿How does the Blender User achieve a shortcut for custom operator in Pose Mode?


An operator was created and is functional for the past hour or so. A Shortcut Key was desired. The operator name appears in [pose mode] menu Pose. Operator use with the mouse is successful. Attempt is made to create short cut with the Add Shortcut menu depicted below. Key Binding does not appear which is a problem. Key Binding = Shortcut in this description.

Other investigations, attempts and successes

Key binding in [object mode] is successful. Operator use is successful in menus. Specials Menu and Python Console and Python dir command.

Key Binding attempted in [Pose Mode] creates Key Binding in [Object Mode]

enter image description here The image above shows a simple operator template supplied by Blender for the text editor and then modified.

Click image to see larger original size.

enter image description here

Add Shortcut depicted in the image above.

enter image description here

User Preference image above.

enter image description here

Object Mode with Short Cut. Image above.


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Manually employ User preferences will do the job. Settings below. This is not the only method. Complications will be in a different question.

enter image description here


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