I'm a newbie in Blender, but I've noticed one of my friend's models is not placed exactly at the center of the grid.

I've grabbed the model and placed it in the center, but manipulator with root bone also moves, but I want to keep root bone in the center of the grid as well.

Here are some screenshots with my problem


Root bone placed correctly (by default) in the center of the grid, but the model is away from the center.


Ok, the model is in the spot that I want it to be, but root bone moved away from center grid?

BTW I'm using blender 2.77 version


To place an object to the center and also change the pivot point to the object's center, follow these steps:

  1. Select your object and tab into edit mode.
  2. Hit A to select the whole mesh
  3. Hit Shift+S and select "Cursor to Selected"
  4. Tab into Object Mode and hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C
  5. Hit Shift+S and select "Cursor to Center"
  6. Hit Shift+S again and select "Selection to Cursor"

enter image description here

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The center of your object is away from mesh center, that why it happens...

To correct that select your object in object mode (make sure that no other object is selected), press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C and select 'origin to geometry' or 'center of mass'.

Center of object before begin corrected Applying correction The origin of the object moved


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