I have a top view line of a race track and a height map like this: http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=nhpgbnphafassllb&language=en

Is it possible to create a curve of the track and plot the height map automatically on the track so I get a result like this:

reference image of desired output
Image from this article

  • $\begingroup$ I've digg some and I've found only how to create terrain map from those information. Are you interested in it? $\endgroup$ – cgslav Aug 26 '16 at 0:32

There is an addon that allows you to do this, you can download it here: Import GPX. You will also need to download the .gpx file from the website you linked in your question (select Download as > GPX Track).

  1. Install the addon and activate it.

    Install the addon

  2. Go to File > Import > GPX (.gpx)

    Import menu

  3. Select the .gpx file you downloaded, make sure that Use elevation for Z-coordinate option is checked, and clickImport GPX.

    Import GPX

  4. It may seem that nothing was added to the scene but you'll notice a new object in the Outliner (with the same name as your .gpx file). You can't see it in the scene because the track is very big (it's 2 km wide). Unless you want to keep it the original size, select the object, press N to open Properties panel, and change scale to something like 0.005. You should be able to see the whole track now. Apply the scale by pressing Ctrl + A > Scale.

    Set the scale

  5. Press 3 to view the track from the right side (ortho) and Tab to Edit Mode. Select all vertices (A) and extrude them (E) down on Z axis (Z).

    Extrude the vertices

  6. Press S > Z > 0 to align vertices on Z axis.

    Align the vertices

  7. Go back to Object Mode (Tab), press N to open Tool shelf and enable smooth shading on the object.

    Enable smooth shading

  8. Enable Auto smooth option in the Object Data panel, and set the Angle to 80°.

    Enable auto smooth

  9. Add Solidify modifier and set preferred Thickness (3 cm look nice).

    Add solidify modifier

  10. Add a ground plane, add a white diffuse material to both the track and the ground plane, add lights to the scene (only sun lamp in my scene) - and render.



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