I have an object that's animated using a Follow Path constraint. Follow curve is checked. Everything works great.

Zipper following curve

BUT I need to export this animation via FBX. I'm thinking that Bake Action is the best way to do that. But unfortunately, when I try to bake the action I get all kinds of weird rotation as the object passes around corners.

Bad rotation on zipper

Any ideas as to how I can get proper baked animation?

For those interested, my bake settings are:

[X] Only Selected
[X] Visual Keying
[X] Clear Constraints
[ ] Clear Parents (I've tried it both ways. No luck.)
[X] Overwrite Current Action

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This is caused by "Gimbal Lock". To correct for it, switch the rotation mode from XYZ Euler to Quantarion and then rebake.

enter image description here


It turned out that this had something to do with the rotation axis; I don't understand more than that.

I was able to fix it by rotating the object, applying the rotation, and using different Forward and Up settings in the Follow path modifier.


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