I'm currently teaching myself Blender and have been going through the online documentation. Many of the examples are using nothing but lines of vertices/edges but I can't see how I do that. For instance, how would I "create a mesh representing the profile of your object" as it says in this example?: enter image description here

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Change your view to top orthographic (numpad 7 for top, numpad 5 to toggle perspective/ortho).
Add a plane (shift+A, select Mesh/plane in the menu). Enter Edit Mode with Tab.
Select the 2 vertices on the right (R click to select, Shift+R Click to add to selection) and delete them with X and select "vertices" in the delete menu.
Now you can move your vertices where you need.
enter image description here
Select one and Ctrl+L Click to create one more where you click.
enter image description here
continue until you have your profile done.
enter image description here

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