I have been following this tutorial until I started adding nodes. The problem is that he has completely different nodes than I have. Even nodes that are created at start are different (I have Material and Output and he has Render Layers and Composite).
Have I missed something or should I use different nodes than he?


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This answer is was for older versions (2.79 and previous)

For blender version 2.8x read this

Without any addons, the Node Editor can be used in three different modes: node editor header

You are looking at the cycles material (shader) nodes. The tutorial is using the compositor nodes.

Simply click on the Compositing button in the Node Editor header to switch to the compositor nodes.
compositor nodes

Also make sure the Use nodes box is checked.


As stated in other answers, if you are seeing different nodes than what you expect, then you are using the wrong editor.

As of 2.8+ versions of Blender, with the new workflow oriented paradigm, the old generic "Node Editor" is no more.

Along with other editors it has been split into several different specific task-oriented editors.

  • The Shader Editor for editing Cycles and EEVEE materials, including shaders and textures
  • The Texture Editor for legacy node based textures for World, Brushes, Modifiers, and Line Styles.
  • Geomery Nodes for parametric construction and procedural modelling
  • The Compositor for post-production and composition of your renders.

enter image description here


You're in the material node editor currently. The tutorial is about compositing. Switch to the compositor by checking this button:



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