This is yet again my confusion with Meshing using Animation Nodes. My idea is to duplicate Lines into multiple Lines object, which later I could loft. Apparently this is not yet simple. Maybe possible, if possible how to do this?

enter image description here


It's easier if you use an existing node to loft elements, which is the Spline Loft node instead. Basically, you create a bunch of splines before, feed that as a list to the node, and then decide on the amount of samples / divisions of the mesh. See this blend here:

Here's a screenshot of the full setup:

full setup

The loop below is a workaround for me to get a few splines in the fashion that you did. I feed a list of integers into it, only using the loop index to generate a few start and end coordinates. With that, I create straight splines and collect them in a list at the end.

This spline list I feed back into the loft node. The samples parameter determines the number of points on the spline which the node generates. Spline Samples of 2 means, only start and end point, so a straight line. Important: you also need to set the samples in the other direction. That's why I get the list length in the end, so each spline is then sampled as a division as well.

Using a bit of randomness, you get this:

random splines


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