Not 100% sure this is what im looking for, but does anyone know where to find the sound block buttons? (for the most recent version of blender?)

I do some animating and I want to sync mouth movements to an audio. I check audio scrubbing, so I can match a single frame to a single frame sound. But when I click on the timeline, the audio plays from that point. The animation is paused too so I can't properly animate.

I'm not sure if Sound Block Buttons is going help me, but I've been trying everything. I've googled all I can. If anyone can help me, or find another way to animate to vocals, please let me know.


I think the option you are looking for is called Draw Waveform.

In the Video Sequence Editor, press N to display the Properties Toolbar. Find the Sound panel (while the audio track is selected) and enable the Draw Waveform option.

Video Sequence Editor - Draw Waveform option in the sidebar's Sound panel


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