I am making a gun. What I'd like the to do is this

  1. Select all the faces that make up the handle
  2. Move the 3D cursor to the center of the selection (or center of mass)
  3. Set the origin of the object at the location of the 3D cursor

I can do 1 and 3 but I'm stuck at 2.



In Edit Mode

Select the faces.

Press ShiftS and select cursor to selected, that will put the cursor at the center of the selected faces.

Switch to Object mode (Tab)

Select Object>Transform>Origin to 3D cursor (or CtrlShiftAltC).

enter image description here

For 2.8 there is no keyboard shortcut. Use the menu Object > Set Origin.

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    $\begingroup$ Thanks that does it, not sure how I managed to miss that since I was already aware of Shift+S $\endgroup$ – Nicolas Martel Aug 8 '16 at 2:12
  • $\begingroup$ @cegaton Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C doesn't work anymore with Blender 2.80. $\endgroup$ – tmighty Jun 7 at 1:29

All you have to do is SHIFT+S then U.
yes sir
This will work in object mode and edit mode.




In Blender 2.8 - Object / Set Origin... / Origin to Center of Mass.

enter image description here


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