In the Blender Game Engine, I have a cube as a window and have set it's Z Transparency value to .200. I would like to add Keyboard Sensor where when I hit a specific key in-game, G for example, it would change the transparency value of the cube to 1.0, like a solid wall. I would also like this to work in reverse as well, where if I hit G a second time, the transparency value would return back to it's original .200. I'm sure there's a simple solution to this that I am overlooking but any help would be appreciated, thank you!


Transparency animation

  • Go to first frame (1). Mouse cursor over Material/Transparency/Alpha I. The Alpha field will turn yellow. enter image description here

  • go to last frame (21). The Alpha field should be green right now.

  • enter 1.0 enter image description here
  • Mouse cursor over Material/Transparency/Alpha I.The Alpha field will turn yellow.

Go back to frame 1 again.

Your material action is prepared. You can play the material action the same way as any other action. Here is one option:


Add an action actuator

  • setup start frame (1)
  • setup end frame (21)
  • setup action name (MaterialAction)
  • setup playback mode (Flipper)

enter image description here

Add a property

  • "opaque"
  • type: boolean

enter image description here

logic to toggle opaque

Keyboard sensor -> AND -> Property Actuator Toggle "opaque"

logic to play animation

Property Sensor Equal "opaque" True -> AND -> Action Actuator

enter image description here

I hope it helps


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