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The plane that I'm modeling is at the bottom of the screen. I would like it at the top. How do I do this? The scroll wheel makes the view go in circles; I just want that plane part that I'm working on in the middle of my screen.

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    $\begingroup$ if you are just starting with blender please look at the Resources page, you might find it useful. $\endgroup$ – cegaton Aug 5 '16 at 0:56

Hold Shift+MMB MMB and drag. For more info click here


Generally, you can key Shift + MMB MMB and move your mouse around. This is called panning. However, some people do not have a 3 button mouse, and cannot utilize the MMB MMB button. If this is the case for you, go to File > User Preferences > Input tab > Mouse: header and check Emulate 3 Button Mouse. This allows you to use Shift + Alt + LMB LMB to pan.

Note the following:

  • MMB MMB or Alt + LMB LMB to rotate.
  • MW MW to scroll in and out.

To learn more about Blender's navigation tools, and as a great place to start with Blender as a whole, refer to CGCookie's Introduction to Blender.


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