I am trying to create an animation by rotating an object every 137.5 degrees on its origin (at 550 RPM with 24 frames/sec) and taking those frames to create a video.

How would I implement this?


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Driver Approach

You can type a driver directly into field using #. Typing

#radians(137.5 * frame)

into the rotation.z field of an object will make it spin at 550rpm at 24 fps.

In the added file I've set up two custom properties "spin", how many degrees per frame, and "rpm".

enter image description here

The rotor rotates

radians(spin * frame)

and the rpm is calculated via a driver by

rpm = fps * spin * 60/360

Original post: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?229688-Helicopter-Rotor&p=1937512&viewfull=1#post1937512


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