The current issue is that I need more space to the right for my text, but scaling the camera to capture more of the area won't work. Why is this so?

This is what I wish to achieve: http://i.stack.imgur.com/JSFmg.png

But I am stuck with scaling the camera:enter image description here

(what is shown in red is what I wish to achieve)

How can I capture more of the area? (I prefer not to do any compositing).


You can also change the Resolution in Render Settings > Dimensions:

enter image description here

For this you probably want to increase the X resolution.


Note that you can't scale the camera up by adjusting these values, you will need to move the camera and/or change the Focal Length to zoom/scale the camera.

  • Adjust the Focal Length in Properties > Camera > Lens

  • The easiest way to zoom in/out with the camera is:

    1. Enter Camera view (Numpad 0) and select the camera

    2. Press GZZ to move the camera along the local Z axis.

By using a combination of the above techniques, you can place and scale the camera however you want.


In the example you give, you only want to increase the size on one side of the camera. You would have to.

  • Increase the X resolution.
  • Adjust the X shift to only cover the right side of the image (otherwise both sides will be increased evenly).

If there is a reason why you can't move the camera to get the detail rendered you want you could change the Focal Length in the Camera Properties:

enter image description here

Another way is to change the Aspect Ratio note that changing these values will disort the image.

enter image description here

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In Blender 2.7 in "Display" settings. Try Framing: Extend Try Framing: Extend

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