As the questions already states? How do we get a list of all possible/available entries of an EnumProperty?


Enums are something Blender defines, which doesn't have a Python equivalent. Therefor you need to use the RNA API. (See API docs)

Here is a function which returns possible values for an enum:

import bpy

def enum_members_from_type(rna_type, prop_str):
    prop = rna_type.bl_rna.properties[prop_str]
    return [e.identifier for e in prop.enum_items]

def enum_members_from_instance(rna_item, prop_str):
    return enum_members_from_type(type(rna_item), prop_str)

# Test the functions above:
enum = enum_members_from_instance(bpy.context.object, "rotation_mode")

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