I have created 3 animations using one rig in separate .blend files, a walk in place, run in place, and a simple front flip. If I were to create a new file with this rig in it, how would I go about importing the keyframes of each action into one file so I can chain them together? In the future, is it a big mistake to do the animating in separate files?


Assuming you're in the file you'd like to combine the actions in:

  1. Goto File >> Append
  2. In the file manager, navigate to the file with the walk/run/front flip.
  3. Click on the actual .blend, you'll see a bunch of datablock categories (Action, Mesh, etc).
  4. Click on Action.
  5. Select on the action you want to import, and click Append.
  6. You should be able to load this action in the Dopesheet/NLA now. Note that this action won't update from the original file. If you wanted that, do the above, except clicking Append on the menu, click Link.

Using File -> Append and appending the desired actions to the current file should work. In refrerence to your question of whether or not it is best practice, there are multiple things to consider: does it make more sense for your project to have actions split amongst a set of files, or are you just making a short animation, and can therefore afford to keep all of your assets in a common file? That is a project decision which can sometimes be motivated by file size, project complexity and how fragmented and compartmentalized you want your project.


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