My problem can be seen in the pics below... I want to edit this part of the model but I can't select the vertex that connects all the edges that seem to be attatched to it. Instead, I have to delete three layers of vertices on the same spot (and lose some faces too), in order to find the desired vertex. I am pretty sure I have never extruded or done any transformation around there.

This happens way too often while modeling and I spend too much time deleting vetrices and "rebuilding" lost faces. Is there any tool that can help me fix this?

Thanks in advance

enter image description here

Desired outcome (without losing faces):

enter image description here


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Select every vertex with A, hit W and select remove doubles .
you may have to adjust the merge distance if they are not exactly on the same spot. enter image description here

To make vertices that are on the same location merge automatically, enable automerge.
enter image description here

Another option is to select all the vertices again with A then press Space to open the search, then type Remove doubles (Or for saving time, just "dou")

Then press enter or click on it.


  • $\begingroup$ That was fast and spot on!! Thank you friend!! $\endgroup$
    – max_tech91
    Jul 12, 2016 at 20:21

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