I am modelling a large building and want two objects align at the top and bottom. enter image description hereenter image description here

I have tried scaling but this is a very cumbersome process and in the end the objects are never 100% aligned at the top and bottom. So how to align those two objects at the same top and bottom position ?


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You can use snapping options to do that.

  • Set snapping on and choose the closest to vertex option (under the green arrow bellow)

enter image description here

  • Enter edit mode for one of the objects
  • Select all the vertices
  • Then point your mouse to the bottom of the second object and grab G

enter image description here

  • Now position the 3D cursor to the bottom : select one of the bottom vertices, then Shift + S and cursor to selected

enter image description here

  • Back to object mode
  • Set the pivot to 3D cursor
  • Then scale S and point to the top of the second object

enter image description here


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