I want to ask you some questions about commercial development on Blender.I did not quite understand the license for Blender. 1.If I created some projects on Blender and I start to distribute them I must to pay you some percent of my selling or not? 2.I read on your WebSite that Blender includes some other licenses and after my distributing I must to pay some percent to other companies?

Thanks in advance. P.S Maybe I ask you some questions in processing our conversation. And Sorry for incorrect tags I couldn't to find my correct tag.

Sincerely your user Alexander.


Blender is licensed under the GNU general public license. http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

(1.) No, as far as I understand it all your earnings are yours and you do not have to pay blender for its use.

(2.) Same answer as number one.

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