I have two spheres in a zero-gravity scene. I'd like for them to gradually float toward each other until they collide. This makes sense, since in real life everything has its own gravity.

I have removed the gravity from the scene and created two rigid body objects, with a very high mass, but they just remain static and never float toward each other.

I can add a Force Field to one with a negative value which pulls the non-force fielded sphere toward it, but if I add a force field to both spheres, they again remain motionless.

How do I set up a scene so that both spheres react to each other's gravity?


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To make the your rigid bodies attract in your scene (assuming you already added your rigid bodies), you need to do this for each object:

1- Add a Force Field: In the 3d view, press ShiftA > Force Field > Force

2- Make your object the parent of the Force Field: Shift + Right click on the Force Field, followed by your object (The order is important) > Ctrl+P > Parent

3- Make sure your origin is on the center of mass of your object: Select your object, then in the tools panel, select Set origin > Center of mass

4- Align the Force Field to your object: Click on your object > Shift+S > cursor to selected, Click on the Force Field > Shift+S > Selected to Cursor

5- Modify the settings of the Force Field: In the properties panel physics tab, you can find the settings for the force field. By deafult, the strength is set to a positive value, which will push objects apart. To make them attract, input a negative value. Note that massive/distant objects will require a lot more strength to be effective.

Repeat this process for every object in your scene, and you will have your magnetic attraction the next time you click play.


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