I'm not very experienced with Blender and I'm looking for a way to subdivide a hexagonal face into triangles. Basically I want to turn this:

enter image description here

into this:

enter image description here

while having the ability to control the subdivision level.

I know I could build the hexagon by hand, triangle by triangle, but perhaps there's a quicker way?

  • $\begingroup$ Is that even possible? Blender can't subdivide N-Gons, which is any face with more vertices than 4. $\endgroup$ Jun 20, 2016 at 18:33

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Well after some fumbling around I found a way to do it non-destructively.

You first have to subdivide your hexagon once by hand, you can do subsequent steps procedurally using modifiers

  1. Poke the faces of your NGON hexagon with Alt + P
  2. Eliminate every other radial edge so you end up with three quads
  3. Add a Subdivide modifier set to Simple
  4. Then add a Triangulate modifier
  5. Adjust the subdivision level through the Subdivide modifier

Hexagon Subdivide


It depends from the way you have made the base hexagon : the key point is to set its center.

If you start from a circle with 6 edges then

  1. extrude E, then
  2. scale 0 S,0 and
  3. remove all doubles, then
  4. you can subdivide as you want (here twice in 3).

enter image description here


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