Basically I want to make gradient color like this in cycles, is that possible ?


Here the link for the lowpoly apple model I made:


Thanks you


You can use faces normals to obtain the colors of the faces (more or less randomly) and use UV input to give them a little gradient effect (or some lamps also).

For the color :

  • Use "texture coordinate" and "normal" as input
  • Add a vector mapping (this is usefull after to tune the faces orientation by rotating x, y or z and change the colors)
  • Separate the coordinates
  • Add a color ramp to each so that you can modulate each intensity
  • Combine them and use it as a color input for the shader

For the little gradient effect :

  • Use "UV" input of the texture coordinate input
  • Separate and use X or Y (U or V)
  • Add a color ramp to tune the value

Use both by mixing them and link to the shader.

enter image description here

This is not the exact same colors as your picture, but the same kind of effect. You'll probably have to tune : color ramps, orientations, eventually inverting X, Y, Z... enter image description here


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