I want to duplicate objects. I want them to have the same geometry, with many polygons, so I do not want to create copies, I'd like to create instances. Then I want them to have different scale animations

but when I'm duplicating objects with command:


and then creating an animation of scale of duplicated object the source object has the same animation, how can I change that?


Here is a test script, select an object(s) and run. It will add the selected objects to a group, remove any animation already on those objects. Then using the group create 20 group instances with random locations.

Using code similar to here to create a simple 2 keyframe random scale action

import bpy
from random import uniform

def random_scale_action():
    action = bpy.data.actions.new("RandomScaleAction")
    data_path = "scale"
    # (frame, value) for keyframe point
    for axis in [0, 1, 2]:
        # new fcurve
        fc = action.fcurves.new(data_path, index=axis)
        # add a new keyframe point
        for kfp in fc.keyframe_points:
            kfp.co = (uniform(1,100), uniform(0, 1))

    return action

context = bpy.context
scene = context.scene 

# create a group and add the selected objects to it.    
group = bpy.data.groups.new("CubeGroup")
for obj in context.selected_objects:
    # remove any animation data.
    if obj.animation_data:
# create 20 randomly located dupli_groups.
for i in range(20):     
    instance = bpy.data.objects.new('dupli_group', None)
    instance.location = [uniform(0,10) for i in range(3)]
    instance.dupli_type = 'GROUP'
    instance.dupli_group = group
    # give a random scale action
    instance.animation_data.action = random_scale_action()
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This has been tested in 2.8:

If the original (template) object is named 'Original':

original_mesh_data = bpy.data.objects['Original'].data
# Create new object with linked mesh data
new_object = bpy.data.objects.new('CopiedMesh', original_mesh_data)

# Create animation data for new object

# Copy (do not link) original object’s action into new object’s action
new_object.animation_data.action = template_object.animation_data.action.copy()

# Renamed action if desired
new_object.animation_data.action.name = ‘NewAction’
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