two questions here.

The first: I placed objects in certain positions and would like to introduce new vector positions that would become starting point for these objects and animate them so their last position will be this one. Here's the screenshot:


And the second one: I got objects placed on the spline using the loop, but i'm having trouble understanding how to animate them along the spline (like with Follow Path constraint).

Guys, thank you in advance.

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For the first question:

It seems you need the Object ID Key feature to store the initial transformation info for the objects. Here is how to use the Object ID Key node:

enter image description here

IMHO, the whole nodetree could be optimized like this:

enter image description here

For the second question:

A basic example setup would be:

enter image description here enter image description here

BTW, there is a nice template called Distribute Instances on Spline, which is a great start to learn how to make things working like this. You can find it in Templates menu on Node Editor's header.


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