I am a keen user of Bassam's typewriter.py addon. It's not part of the official distribution, so I thought I could make my .blend projects more portable by including it as a text block.

I always need to run the block even though I checked the register checkbox. Are there any more requirements to having the .py extension that I need to do before the script will run on load?


Yes, if the addon is a single file (rather then a python package containing an __init__.py file).

At the end of the script, remove these two lines:

if __name__ == "__main__":

And add this line:


In Python __name__ refers to the module name, which in this case is the name of the textblock (without .py, however if you run the script directly __name__ will be "__main__").

Removing this check before calling the register() function will run no matter how its executed.

Note, if you do this - The script won't be listed in the preferences as an addon, this wont cause problems, but a user has no way to disable besides restarting blender.

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