It seems I've been generous on questions lately. But being a Blender newbie it can't be helped.

I was wondering if there is a simple way of rotating an object around a global axis (or any other axis, such as the ones I defined in the custom frame) using a python script.

I read a decent explanation here, but I was wondering if I am missing something:

Rotate objects around their origin along a global axis (scripted) without bpy.ops

What I mean is, if it is possible to simply rotate an object in the blender in 3d View around any of the global axis, then shouldn't there be a simple command in python which allows to specify which frame I want to rotate in (global, local, gimbal or custom), and then apply rotation.

So for example, it appears that I would not be able to rotate my object in a custom frame using the method given in the link I provided above.

I would greatly appreciate your help!



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