I have two objects in my scene. I'm using Freestyle. I can't figure out how to make it so that Object 1 renders with a dashed (or dotted) outline, while Object 2 simultaneously renders with a solid outline. I tried a lot of different settings - unfortunately, every time I select an object and change the Freestyle Line Set or Freestyle Line Style settings for it, it seems to apply the change to both objects.

(FWIW, when I change the Material for one object, it only changes the Material for that object.)

Any ideas?


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Use Groups

Freestyle has an option to apply the Line Set to a previusly created group. You just habe to enable it in the Selection by section and pick Groups. An empty fields will appear below where you can choose what groups will be affected by the linestyle options.

enter image description here

In the image above each cube belongs to a different group (you can see them in the outliner), and each of the two Line Set is targeting one of them.

You can group the selected objects by pressing Ctrl+G and select all the objects with the same material (or something else) with Select linked

What I presented is probably the most versatile way, but you can probably get a similar result by taking advantage of one of the other ways in which you can restrict the Line Style influence (e.g. you can hide your dotted object and use the Visibilty options...).


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