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I'm new to blender. Actually very new. I searched for this in the discussions. But none of them solved the problem I have not done anything with nodes. I guess I'm going to watch some tutorials for that. But the problem is everything is completely fine in the rendered view option but as soon as I render image it renders like that below. I tried changing a lot of things, nothing changed.Plzz help me out!

Here is the blend file:


You are multiplying the image on top of the background.

Use alpha over to place the render layer over the background. enter image description here

Use this node to layer images on top of one another. This node takes two images as input, combines them with a factor, and outputs the image. Connect the Background image to the top input, and the foreground image to the lower input. Where the foreground image pixels have an alpha greater than 0 (namely, have some visibility), the background image will be overlaid.

Please read the manual: https://www.blender.org/manual/compositing/types/color/alpha_over.html?highlight=alpha%20over

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