I am trying to set the camera to the viewport on a mac laptop. I use View>Align View>Align Active Camera To View.
This gives me the view but the camera is too zoomed in. From looking on the stack exchange I believe if I press the Home key this will give me what I want. How can I do this on my macbook pro keyboard ?


For the Home command, press down the Fn+Left Arrow or Fn+Shift+Left Arrow.

Home : Fn+Control+Left Arrow (Works exactly similar to Windows Home key)

End : Fn+Control+Right Arrow

Page Up : Fn+Up Arrow

Page Down : Fn+Down Arrow

Essentially, all the buttons that would normally appear above the arrows on a windows keyboard, are mimicked by using arrow keys with modifiers.

I don't know why the other answers are talking about un-related number pad, which is another key group entirely.

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Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 0, or maybe Cmd + Alt + Numpad 0.

To emulate the Numpad, go to:
File > User Preferences > Input > Emulate Numpad.

It should be about half way down in the left.

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  • $\begingroup$ This doesn't have anything to do with the Home key $\endgroup$ – dval May 12 '16 at 13:59

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