I'm trying to make use of a python script that will render out all scenes and save the output according to each scene's render settings. I have a blender file with about 80 scenes. The original author of this post (https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/287/190) cited a way to accomplish this but the API has changed. When I run the below two lines I get this error

'RenderSettings' object has no attribute 'RenderAnim'

for s in bpy.data.scenes:

How can I accomplish this in Blender 2.76b? Specifically, how can I render all scenes in a single blend so that each scene saves the output according to each scene's saved render settings?


you just loop through the scenes and execute the render operator :

import bpy

for s in bpy.data.scenes :
    bpy.context.screen.scene = s   #set as the active scene
    bpy.ops.render.render(animation = True) #render animation
    #bpy.ops.render.render()  # for still render

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