I made a particular kind of glove for this hand, I archived this using a shrinkwarp and solidify modifier

glove assets glove hand white

But this works well if the glove goes not on the "fingers" part of the hand!

punch error punch

as a shrinkwarp modifier, It does what It is suppoused to, so It refers to the mesh Itself and not the form "finger" or "palm"

Am I building these gloves in the wrong way? suggestions?

It works sufficiently well only when the hand is open but I get these kinda bad points:

errors to solve

Attack the blend file, It's a little a mess and middle italian/english but e.thing is in the armature parent ^^

problem solved applying the modifiers in advice!

problem solved


Cool looking model. I'd just apply the subsurf + shrinkwrap modifier and maybe delete the hand mesh that's underneath the glove. Unless you plan on having the character unwrap the glove in a scene.

  • $\begingroup$ Applying the modifiers before moving the armature works perfectly! Problem solved!!! :D $\endgroup$ – Francesco Yoshi Gobbo Apr 29 '16 at 3:50

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