I'm trying to learn how to rig eyes and I realized that while I'm on edit mode,the bones are placed correctly,but if I switch under object and pose mode,they aren't. Why ? How can I fix that ? I attached 3 pictures to show you...

bones in edit mode

bones in pose mode

bones in object mode


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This is likely due to a scaled Parent bone.

Like objects, each bone may have a parent bone that it follows by default. This parent is indicated in the Relations panel of the Bone Properties:

enter image description here

As noted in the properties, the default behavior for Child bones is to inherit the Rotation and Scale of the parent. The effect of this, as you've seen, is for some bones to seemingly move in Pose Mode from their original location in Edit Mode.

To fix this simply select all bones in Pose Mode and press ALT+R and ALT+S to reset their scale and rotation.

You can easily find the parent of any bone, if there is one, by selecting a bone in Edit Mode and then Select > Parent:

Select parent of active bone

Anytime you extrude a bone the newly extruded bone is automatically parented, and connected to the bone it was extruded from.


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