What is the hotkey for sculpting grease pencils? Hotkey E + LMB doesn't work here as described in this blender wiki page, I can only edit strokes.




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I don't know if you've solved this problem as yet, but the method to sculpt Grease Pencil strokes is as follows:

  • press 'Enable Editing' in the Grease Pencil tools panel on the Toolshelf or choose Edit Strokes interaction mode in the 3D Viewport header;
  • choose desired brush (on the Toolshelf > Grease Pencil Sculpt Strokes rollout)
  • press and hold the E key whilst pressing the LMB or using the pen of a tablet.

Ensure you still have the RMB as your object selection choice. If you've changed the preference for selection to the LMB then you will need to hold the E key and use the RMB to sculpt your Grease Pencil strokes.

  • $\begingroup$ I find that there isn't an 'enable editing' in my 2.78, but if you press Tab to get a pie menu, there is 'edit' there and that brings up the gpancil sculpt. I just found this after thinking I was losing my mind. $\endgroup$ Jun 6, 2017 at 19:01

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