Does anyone have this problem and know how to fix it? I am used to being able to rotate around the global z with the number pad or using scrollwheel + ctrl + alt, without regard to which way my camera was currently facing. It is a habit formed over the last 10 years of blender use, and was a quick way to single out parts of a mesh when working. Now however, this appears to rotate around the viewport why (IE, it rotates around an imaginary fixed line drawn from the center top to center bottom of the viewport.) This change is really throwing off my work, and I have ground to a complete halt since installing blender 2.77 an hour ago.

Edit: Things I have tried so far, with no change:

  • Re-installing

  • Resetting to Factory

  • Switching Orbit from Turntable to Trackball

    (I think the problem is that I am stuck in Trackball for some reason, but not sure.)


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That's a new feature:

The View3D NumPad4/6 keys have no more a 'turntable' type of rotation, but (as all other rotating numpad keys) use a view axis (the vertical one, see T47263 and rBfe0ca82b232d).

As it caused some confusion, the developers for now reverted this new behaviour in 2.77a, so you should just update.


This might be obvious but you could just set the center of the viewport to the object you are working on by pressing Num .

Hopefully they will fix it in a future version but until then this might be the only way.


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