So today I got on blender for the first time in a long time and decided that if I was every going to get better I would need to start practicing modeling and such. I decided I would model a Pagani Zonda to see what I could do. One of the mirrors on the car is a different color from everything else and I would like to know why. I haven't started texturing yet (though I'm not sure if I will because the model isn't that good). I wish I could describe it better. Is there a way I can post the file? I don't know how to do that sorry. I'm pretty bad at computers. Thanks in advance!

Update I figure out how to add an image at least. It's kind of hard to see but the left mirror is a weird color and I don't know why.


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The normals are inside out. You need to flip normals. Press CtrlN in edit mode.


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