Is there a way to append/link a screen (see below) from a different blend file?

If not possible from the UI maybe this can be done via python?

I would like to create a custom screen and then deliver this via an addon. Once the addon is loaded it should append its screen to the opened blendfile if possible.

Clarification by @Pistache

A Blender "Screen" is a specific type of data-block (see Blender's documentation), however it is not available when using bpy.data.libraries.load (data_in has no attribute screen/screens), or even using the append operator (it does not show up in the list of appendable objects in the GUI).


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A screen layout created in one .blend file cannot be linked/appended (manually or with python) into another, because Blender does not support this.

With python you can create new screen layout (bpy.ops.screens.new()) and change it's areas how ever you like.

You can access data inside external .blend files and read them with Blender-file.

This can be turned into addon for ease of use.


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