I have the following problem which I do not know how to resolve by using blender.

I want to bend a bit of an object but I don't know how to achieve this result by just selecting few faces and not the entire object.

Below there is an image to explain myself better:


How can I do this? Also, is it posible bending just by using Y/X axis blocking the Z axis ?



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The Bend Tool can be used to do what you are trying to achieve. Select the components you want to bend, position the 3D cursor at the point where the bend will pivot then press ShiftW

enter image description here

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You can also use the

Simple Deform Modifier

The control of size and angle of the bended mesh is a good advantage.

The Bend deformation of the Modifier bends the mesh over the Z axis.
It's advisable to add a new Object and join it to the other Object after setting up and applying the Simple Deform Modifier

1. Add Edge Loops

  • In Edit Mode press Ctrl + R

  • Hover the mouse over the desired position. A pink Edge Loop appears.
    Use the mouse wheel to determine the number of Edge Loops.

  • Confirm with LMB

add Edge Loops

2. Positioning of 3D Cursor

  • Select the vertices where your 'curve' should start to bend.
  • Press Shift + S and choose Cursor to Selected.

positioning 3D Cursor

3. Add Empty and Simple Deform Modifier

  • In Object Mode press Shift + A to add an Empty at the 3D Cursor.
  • Select the object and go to the Modifier Tab. Add the Simple Deform Modifier.
  • You have the choice of four deform methods. Click on Bend.
  • Choose the Empty as the Origin of the deformation.
  • Select your desired Angle.

Add Empty and Modifier

Now You can adjust the Empty:

  • Rotate to control the axis.
  • Translate to control the origin of deformation.
  • Scale to change the deform factor.


    Scaling and translation on Z axes has no influence with these settings

Note: In Your case the bended Object need the right Position and Rotation to join it with original Object. You can achieve this easily with Copy Attributes Menu Add-on


One way to accomplish this is to use Proportional Editing.

You can determine the shape by selecting a type of "Falloff from the dropdown menue (In this example I used Sharp).

Select the top vertices ,or any appropriate vertices.

Press G to grab them a circle will then appear around your cursor. The size of this circle is controlled by your mouse wheel and determines how many additional vertices are affected.

Pressing X, Y, or Z will constrain the direction to that axis.

While still using proportional editing, you can also make use of your 3D cursor location to base the origin of your rotation off of it, instead of your default location.

Proportional Editing Constrained to 3D Cursor


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