I need a Blender export format that handles materials with multiple diffuse textures in it. Specifically, I want to export a mesh with a single material and two diffuse textures and a single stencil map. The blender COLLADA exporter appears to ignore two out of the three textures in my material. All three are referenced in the export file as:

   <image id="Grass_1_png" name="Grass_1_png">
   <image id="stencilmap" name="stencilmap">
   <image id="BlueMarbleSlabs_png" name="BlueMarbleSlabs_png">

However the library effect diffuse component only references the last texture in the material texture stack:

    <texture texture="BlueMarbleSlabs_png-sampler" texcoord="UVMap"/>

Does anyone know if this is a limitation of the COLLADA exporter? If this is the case then I'll need to modify the Assimp COLLADA loader for my purposes. Thanks in advance.


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