So I have a long loop of vertices. And I want to make each 2 vertices to blend into 1 like shown in image.
Currently I have a situation like on left(but much longer). However, I need to get situation as visile on right. Selecting every 2 vertices and merging them is long and exhausting process. I was wondering if there is a way to do it faster, in loop.


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With the Edge Select mode enabled select the whole edge with Alt+RMB, then go to Select-->Checker Deselect. Set it up to select every second edge segment, then press X-->Edge Collapse.
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Since 2.77-rc1 the same can be achieved via Select Shortes Path where you'd only have to select the first and last Edge and then use Mesh > Vertices Ctrl V > Merge Alt M, selecting Collapse as merge type. It might give some different or even faster results with more complex Topology as you can Use Topology Distance (Find the minimum number of steps, ignoring spatial distance).

Select Shortest Path

  • $\begingroup$ May be also useful. I will try to see whether I can use the first method or this one:) $\endgroup$ Commented Mar 7, 2016 at 13:32

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