I'm trying to simulate quickly the waving of a flag by deforming it with a curve modifier and moving that modifier along it's local x-axis, giving the impression that it's waving and allowing it to be easily looped. However, moving the curve also shifts the position of the 'fabric' around. Images below:

Before moving the curve:

Without moving the curve

After moving the curve:

After moving curve

So in the second image I would like the flag to remain aligned to the pole, but with a different displacement. How can I resolve this?



enter image description here

I recommend using the [Wave Modifier] for various reasons including

  • The Wave Modifier is often used for this purpose. Its purpose is very clear.

  • Your curve above may not be long enough for longer repetitive motion and the endpoints tangents could affect the final result.

  • The difficulty you are already experiencing

  • The Wave Modifier has a [falloff] to keep the flag attached to the pole. No Pun Intended. The selected empty serves this purpose in the image above.

  • As an alternative that you can create a vertex group to limit the vertex movement on the flag mesh near the pole, to zero.

  • As a [Not Recommended] alternative you could animate the curve rather than moving it.

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