[this is kind of an extension of How to Offset a Particle cache in Time ]

I am working on a complex animation with lots of moving parts, including multiple particle systems as well as two smoke simulations. I now realized I needed to adjust the timing near the beginning of the scene, for which I will need more frames. Moving all the keyframes to the right is no big deal in the Dope Sheet but can I also shift all the start/end times of physics and particle caches and emitters in a similarly easy manner? Or do I have to manually locate and adjust each and every frame number reference buried in the various object' properties?

Sidenote feature request in case there is no easy way to do this ATM:

Ideally, I think, whenever something requires a reference to a specific frame number, it should be possible to specify a marker instead. Add to that that it should be possible to select and move markers in the dope sheet together with keyframes and all would be well... right? ;) Does that feature request already exists somewhere that I can vote on?



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